Spay/Neuter Appointment Request Form

Our spay/neuter clinics are provided only for pet owners experiencing substantial financial hardships. At this time, we are limited to accpeting appointment requests only from pet owners who have met one of the eligibility requirements listed below.

If you:

  1. reside in one of the qualifying geographic areas of Santa Ana (see attached map or call us to see if you live in any of the qualifying areas);
  2. have received or been approved for a voucher from OC Animal Allies;
  3. have received or been approved for a voucher from Animal Assistance League of OC;
  4. are homeless and have been approved for sponsorship through Pets of the Homeless or another organization or individual willing to cover your pet’s expenses. 

The number of appointments we are able to take is limited, so a $50 deposit is required to help reduce the potential of any “no-shows”. Deposits are non-refundable unless you email a cancellation request to: [email protected] no later than 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment day.


Complete the online Appointment Request Form. 

Please be complete and answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. You must submit a separate form for each pet attending our clinic. After you click the “submit” button we will contact you as quickly as possible, usually within 24-48 business hours.

Once we receive the form, we will:

  1. contact you to gather a bit more information about your pet;
  2. reserve a tentative appointment time for your pet;
  3. email you an invoice to pay your deposit..

Once we receive your deposit, we will:

  1. send you confirmation and instructions about your pet’s appointment.

If we do not receive your deposit within 24 hours of sending the invoice, your tentative appointment will be removed from our appointment list.

If your sponsor has informed you that you have a co-pay, it will be collected when you arrive for your pet’s appointment. Cash, Credit Card, Apple Pay are accepted methods of payment. Checks are not accepted. 



The Appointment Request Form will require that you attach proof that your pet is current on the following vaccines:

  • Dogs: Rabies, DHPP & Bordetella 
  • Cats: Rabies & FVRCP. (However, it is strongly recommended that your cat is also current on its FeLV vaccine to help provide protection against this highly contagious virus).

If your pet is in need of any vaccination, you may click the link below to schedule an appointment at any of our mobile low-cost pet vaccine clinics.


If your pet is not already microchipped, it will be microchipped at the time of surgery. The fee for this is $15 (normally $38) which also includes the lifetime microchip enrollment fee. Payment will be collected when you arrive at the clinic. 

Spay/Neuter Fees:

*  Cat Neuter:    $145
*  Cat Spay:       $185
*  Dog Neuter:   $275
*  Dog Spay:      $350