Parasite Prevention & Control Information & Prices

HEART recommends annual fecal testing for dogs and cats which is a simple and cost-effective way to protect your pets and your family as well. Within 24 hours of dropping off a fecal sample at one of our mobile clinics, you will be notified of the results. In the event special medication is needed for your pet thereafter, we will either send you the medication or call a prescription in to the pharmacy of your choice.

We offer parasite control medications which are very important in helping protect you, your family, and your pets against diseases transmitted by parasites such as fleas and ticks. These medications are only provided at the time we see your pet at our clinic. As a limited service mobile practice, we can offer up to a 6-month supply of each product, but we are unable to provide, prescribe, or authorize refills of parasite control medications through online pharmacies or for in-pharmacy or in-store purchases

Parasites can be transmitted between animals and people and can pose a tremendous health risk to both, so practicing good hygiene and keeping your pet healthy through regular veterinary examinations are very important. The following recommendations are provided as general guidelines. Other parasite control such as Heartworm prevention may be needed and best addressed by your regular veterinarian. 

Giardia is a tiny parasite which may be found on contaminated surfaces or in soil, food, or water and is transmitted through ingestion. Giardia can infect both animals and humans. Symptoms may include diarrhea, weight loss, gas/bloating, cramps, nausea, and possibly other symptoms; however, pets and humans may not necessarily show any of these signs but can still spread Giardia. Either way, diagnostics through a simple fecal test and subsequent proper treatment is essential.

Roundworms, Tapeworms, Heartworms, and other parasites can be life-threatening. If any worms are noted in your pet’s stool or if it tests positive for parasites, it is imperative that your pet be treated immediately by a veterinarian with the appropriate medication. It is as equally important to decrease the risk of your pet or your family potentially becoming ill due to parasites by practicing proper hygiene and using proper parasite control medications. 

Puppies and kittens are at a higher risk of having worms/parasites, although pets at any age can develop a parasite infestation, especially those which have encountered fleas which can cause tapeworm infestations. It is strongly recommended that all puppies and kittens receive de-worming medication (2 doses at a 2-week interval).  

Parasites cannot always be seen by the naked eye or are simply not detected by pet owners, so providing a stool sample for a fecal test is strongly recommended on an annual basis for pets of any age. HEART provides this convenient and very beneficial service. The pet owner merely needs to gather a fresh sample of stool and bring it to our clinic. (We will provide you with exact instructions). We then submit the sample to an outside laboratory for testing and usually receive the results within 24 hours. We will then contact you to provide you with the results. If any further treatment is needed for your pet, we will dispense the appropriate medication to you or call it in to an on line or in-store pharmacy of your choice. 


Roundworms are spaghetti-like worms found in feces (stool) and/or in vomit. However, Roundworms are not necessarily seen when a pet is infested. This parasite can cause a serious and dangerous health risk to your pet. 

Puppies and kittens are often born with Roundworms. They can contract the worms directly from the mother intrauterine prior to birth. Roundworms can also be contracted from other animals. Roundworms are treated with an oral medication administered as a 2-dose treatment, and on occasion, 3 doses may be necessary. Each dose is administered two weeks apart. HEART will administer the first dose at our clinic, and dispense the second dose for the pet owner to administer two weeks later. 

We administer and dispense an oral Roundworm medication called Pyrantel Pamoate for dogs and cats.  All weights: $15 per dose. 


Segments of a tapeworm usually have a flat appearance anywhere up to ½ inch or they can look like grains of rice after they become dry. Tapeworms are usually found in feces or around the anal area. On rare occasion, they can be found in vomit. However, tapeworms do not necessarily have to be seen in order for your pet to be infested. Tapeworms can be transmitted between animals and people and can grow several feet in length inside a pet or inside a human, causing a serious and potentially fatal risk to animals and to humans. 

If your pet swallows a flea which is infected with tapeworm larvae, it can develop internally and create an infestation of adult tapeworms. Using a good flea product on a consistent basis is highly recommended to help exterminate fleas, which not only are a cause of tapeworms, but also carry and transmit other highly contagious and dangerous diseases. In addition to providing de-worming medications, HEART can also provide you with flea & tick control medication for your pet. We treat tapeworms with an oral medication to be administered as a 2-dose treatment, and rarely, 3 doses may be needed. Each dose is administered two weeks apart. HEART will dispense the medication for the pet owner to administer the first dose at least one day after our clinic, and the next dose two weeks later. 

The oral tapeworm medication is called Droncit or Drontal, and is used for dogs and cats. Price depends on weight of pet: $15 – $40 per dose.  


Heartworms are transmitted through a mosquito bite. Testing for Heartworms is strongly recommended in certain geographic locations. If your pet is negative, placing it on a Heartworm preventive medication is usually recommended. If your pet tests positive, it must be treated by a veterinarian to reduce the risk of your pet. 

A Heartworm test (blood test) should first be performed on an adult dog prior to administering Heartworm preventive medication. Due to time restraints during our mobile clinics, we cannot perform these tests and therefore, we do not carry Heartworm medication for adult dogs. However, we do carry a medication for cats which provides treatment and control for multiple worms, including Heartworms. Cats do not need to have a Heartworm test prior to receiving this medication. 

Parasite Control Medication 

CENTRAGARD (Cats 7 weeks & older) 

All weights (1.8-16.5 lbs): $20 per dose. 

Centragard is a topical medication for cats which helps prevent and control Hookworms, Roundworms, Tapeworms, and Heartworms. It can be applied monthly as a preventive or used one time as a treatment for existing parasites.  This medication can NOT be applied when using Revolution, but it can be applied with topical flea & tick medications which do not treat or control Heartworms. Our staff will apply the medication at our clinic unless you would rather take the product home to apply to your cat at a later time. 

REVOLUTION (Cats 8 weeks & older) 

All weights (up to 5-15 lbs): $25 per dose; $70 per 3-dose pack 

REVOLUTION (Puppies 6 weeks & older) 

Weights up to 5 lbs: $25 per dose / 3-dose pack $70. 

Revolution is a topical medication which helps prevent and control fleas, prevent flea eggs from hatching, prevention of heartworm disease, and the treatment and control of ear mite infestations. The weights/sizes of Revolution we carry is for kittens, cats up to 15 lbs and puppies under 5 lbs. This medication can be used as a monthly flea preventive treatment. Revolution can NOT be used while using Centragard for cats. It may be used while using NexGard for dogs. 

NEXGARD (Dogs 8 weeks & older)  

All weights/sizes: 1 dose: $25 3 doses: $65 6 doses: $130 

Nexgard is a once-a-month oral medication (beef-flavored, chewable tablet) for dogs which helps prevent and control fleas & ticks. One tablet a month has proven to be extremely effective in preventing flea and tick infestations. 

                                                             Prices are subject to change and are subject to availability of stock on hand.