Parasite Prevention & Control Information & Prices

The following recommendations are used as general guidelines.  Other parasites and health conditions may exist which would be best addressed by your regular veterinarian.  Worms/parasites can be transmitted to humans, so practicing good hygiene and staying aware of your pet’s health through regular veterinary examinations are very important.  

Often puppies and kittens are at the highest risk of having worms/parasites.  Many times, worms cannot be seen or detected by pet owners.  Preventive measures which include de-worming is recommended for all puppies and kittens, as well as any dog or cat which has had a significant flea problem.  

Puppies and kittens are often born with ROUNDWORMS, as they often contract the worms directly from the mother prior to birth.  Roundworms can also be contracted from other animals. 

TAPEWORMS are caused by fleas, so certain flea products are recommended for dogs and cats to help exterminate fleas and reduce the risk of tapeworms and other severe allergy reactions which may result from even a single flea bite. Tapeworms can also be transmitted between pets and people.

HEARTWORMS can be caused by mosquitos.  Testing for heartworms is strongly recommended in certain areas.  If your pet is negative, placing it on a regimen of “Heartgard” or other veterinarian-recommended product is an excellent way to prevent heartworm infestation.  If your pet tests positive, it must be treated by a veterinarian.  

All infestations of worms/parasites should be treated with the proper type and proper dose of medication.  


♦  GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF ROUNDWORMS:  Spaghetti-like worms found in feces (stool) and/or in vomit.  However, Roundworms do not necessarily have to be seen in order for your pet to be infested.  Roundworms can cause a serious and dangerous health risk to your pet.

ROUNDWORM medication:   (Pyrantel Pamoate)   All weights:  $15 per dose

♦  GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF TAPEWORMS:  Segments of tapeworms usually have a flat appearance anywhere up to 1/2 inch or they can look like rice kernels after they become dry.  Tapeworms are usually found in feces or around the anal area.  On rare occasion, they can be found in vomit.  However, Tapeworms do not necessarily have to be seen in order for your pet to be infested.  Tapeworms are caused by the ingestion of a flea and can grow inside your pet to several feet in length, causing a serious and dangerous health risk to your pet. 

TAPEWORM medication:   (Droncit and Drontal).  Dosage & price depends on the weight of the animal.  $15 – $35 p dose.

We administer the first de-worming dose at our clinic via injection.  For your convenience, we provide you with the second dose of de-worming (oral medication) to take home to administer to your pet two weeks later.

CENTRAGARD medication:  For CATS between 1.8 lbs – 16.5 lbs.  A topical medical applied by our staff to help prevent and/or control hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms & help prevent Heartworm Disease.  $20. *

FLEA & TICK medication:  We sell & dispense 3 and 6-month supplies of NexGard (a once-a-month chewable tablet for dogs).  This medication is only provided at the time we see your pet at our clinic.  We do not provide prescriptions or refills for any flea control medication.    $54 (all weights/sizes).  *

*  Price of NexGard & Centragard is subject to change and is subject to availability of stock on hand.