Founders and History

Dr. Todd Kopit and Mrs. Deborah Kopit expanded their journey and commitment to help as many animals and people as possible by founding “HEART”, originally known as “Society for California Veterinary & Vaccine Care”.

The Kopits owned and operated their private veterinary hospital in Orange County, California for over 20 years.  It was in 2006 that they first began providing low-cost mobile pet health care services.  As the demand for such affordable services grew, so did the Kopits’ desire to reach out to help more pets and people.

Witnessing first-hand the tremendous over-population of domestic pets and the horrifying statistics of abuse, pet surrender, and euthanasia, the Kopits decided they could do so much more and on a much grander scale by going entirely “mobile”.  They pledged to make a positive impact by closing their hospital to better serve the growing needs of pet owners in so many communities.  As such, in 2011 the Society for California Veterinary & Vaccine Care was formed.   

In 2015, after months of dedicated hard work and at their own expense, the Kopits completed the conversion of their 40′ motor home into a mobile surgical and emergency response unit and donated it to the SCVVC (now known as “HEART”) to continue its mission helping protect pets, wildlife, and people. HEART has been “On the Road Saving Lives” ever since.​