Low-Cost Lab Work Services

HEART is pleased to inform you that it has added a very beneficial service to its current low-cost services menu. Lab work which is a vital part of preventive health care, is now offered at our mobile clinics (more locations and days soon to be scheduled)!

Pet owners now have the opportunity to receive affordable fecal, blood work, and urinalysis tests for their pets and without the usual hours of waiting time experienced at brick and mortar hospitals. Most results are usually received by pet owners within 24 hours.

Lab work should be performed on all geriatric (senior citizen) pets, pets which will be undergoing spaying, neutering, dental cleaning and other anesthetic procedures, and pets which are on medications or have health conditions which require monitoring for proper medication dosages, medical treatment, and other care.

Lab work is an essential key to helping a veterinarian:
  • Uncover underlying conditions of which your pet may not be showing symptoms;
  • Diagnose certain conditions;
  • Properly treat existing medical conditions; and
  • Prevent certain adverse conditions from needlessly occurring.*

*For pets that need to undergo any procedures involving anesthesia, it is always recommended that your pet have pre-anesthetic lab work performed to ensure organs such as their kidney and liver, are functioning properly.

Through these services, HEART has already uncovered underlying conditions in a number of pets which may have otherwise gone undetected to the point of causing severe and possibly irreparable harm to the pet. We are extremely excited to offer these important services while helping reduce financial hardships for pet owners, and we are proud of our role in helping your pet live a long, happy, and healthy life!

For more information, prices, and appointment scheduling for our low-cost lab work and other services, please email us at [email protected] or call 714-993-9193.

All testing is performed by an outside veterinary reference laboratory. Upon receipt of test results, HEART will furnish a copy of the written report to the pet owner by email.