Minors must be accompanied by adults. Pet owners must be at least 18 years of age. Pet owners from any city or county may attend any of our clinics.

Appointments are scheduled within certain time “slots”. It is important that you arrive WITHIN that time frame in order to help lessen the wait time. PLEASE do NOT arrive earlier than your assigned time slot.

For dates, times and other details about our clinics, please go to our website Calendar and click on the respective date in which you are interested.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, we require a cancellation notification at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment date so that we may provide an appointment to someone on our waiting list. A $30 fee will be charged on your next visit if you miss your current appointment and did not provide us with proper notice of your cancellation.

In the very rare instance that a clinic is cancelled due to harsh weather conditions or other emergency situations, a notice will be posted on our website Calendar as soon as it is known that we must cancel a clinic. We will contact everyone as soon as possible thereafter to provide the opportunity to reschedule their appointments.


All pets over the age of 4 months will receive a Rabies vaccination at our clinic unless valid proof that the pet is current on its Rabies vaccine is provided at the time of the pet’s appointment. (Valid proof is a Rabies Certificate signed by a licensed U.S. veterinarian). Additionally, we are unable to administer a 3-year Rabies vaccine without proof of a prior Rabies vaccination. If your pet has received only one Rabies vaccine in the past and less than 12 months have passed since that vaccination, we can only administer a 1-year vaccine. If 12 months have passed, your pet will receive a 3-year vaccine. If your pet is overdue for its Rabies by 3 years or more, we will only administer a 1-year vaccine.

✓ Bring prior vaccine records if possible. This will enable us to determine what vaccines are needed for your pet and the next time they will be due. We do our best to ensure that pets are properly vaccinated and also not “over” vaccinated.

✓ Fearful or unfriendly dogs must wear a muzzle prior to entering our clinic line or coming in close proximity with another animal. A properly fitting basket muzzle is recommended, as other types may cause your dog to overheat. If you do not have a muzzle, a restrictive muzzle will be provided for your use only during the time our staff is handling your dog.

✓ Dogs must wear a properly fitting collar or harness so that your dog is secure and cannot slip out of its collar/harness, especially when pulling backwards. A sturdy leash must be attached to the collar/harness. No chains or expandable leashes are permitted. In the event your dog needs better control, for the safety of your pet and for others nearby, we may require you to place our slip lead on your dog temporarily.

✓ All cats must be in secured carriers designed to transport cats or small dogs. No cardboard carriers are allowed.

✓ If your pet receives a microchip, do not bathe it for 2 weeks after the microchip is implanted. The microchip enrollment fee has been pre-paid by HEART; however, it is your responsibility to register your pet on line or by phone and keep your contact information current with the respective microchip company. Your pet cannot be reunited with you if it becomes lost and if you cannot be found!

✓ Nail trims are provided only if we have the extra time and only for pets which are cooperative and easy to manage

✓ Prescription flea & tick control medication is sold in quantities of 1 month to 12 month supplies (depending on the stock on hand). We do not provide prescriptions.

✓ Please be courteous to everyone and reschedule your appointment if you or household members have shown any signs of illness within 10 days prior to your appointment.

✓ You will receive a yellow copy of a Certificate of Vaccination before you leave our clinic, along with other informational materials such as post-clinic care instructions and a list of emergency pet hospitals. You are responsible to keep your copy of the Certificate. A $25 processing fee will be charged for any duplicate Certificates.


⊗ Are too aggressive to be handled, including hard-to-handle cats. If you have a pet which you think may be difficult to handle, please do not schedule an appointment at our clinic. Due to the restricted amount of time we have available to spend with each pet, we will turn away any pet which cannot be easily handled or handled with mild restraint.

⊗ Have ever had an adverse reaction to a vaccine (other than mild soreness or mild lethargy).

⊗ May have shown any sign of illness within the past 2 weeks;

⊗ May be pregnant;

⊗ Are nursing puppies/kittens that are less than 4 weeks old;

⊗ May have certain underlying health conditions or are on certain medications which, when administering a vaccination, may pose a health risk to the pet;

⊗ Are 4 months of age or older and not current on a Rabies vaccine unless we will be administering a Rabies vaccine at our clinic. Proof of a prior Rabies vaccination must be provided at the clinic for those pets which are current on their Rabies vaccines. (Valid proof is a Vaccine Certificate signed by a veterinarian licensed to practice in the United States).


1) Make sure you have read and understand all of the information above so that you are prepared for your pet’s appointment and don’t show up unnecessarily.

2) Click on the button below to schedule your pet’s appointment. If you intend to bring more than one pet, you must schedule each pet’s appointment individually and separately.

3) In the event you have multiple pets for which you would like to schedule appointments and there are not enough available openings in one particular “time slot”, please call us at 714-993-9193 so that we may try to accommodate you.