Drive-Thru vaccine clinic participation requirements


APPOINTMENTS ARE LIMITED. Reservation Applications will not be accepted later than 5 days prior to the clinic you wish to attend; however, our appointments fill up quickly so we recommend that you submit your Clinic Reservation Application at least two weeks prior to the clinic to have a better chance of securing an appointment. 

Clinics are held in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings, depending on the location, as depicted on our website “Calendar”.  

Payments are non-refundable except under certain circumstances. This helps ensure unnecessary cancellations which take away appointment availability for other pets. We do, however, understand that emergencies occur which may be out of the pet owner’s control. In such instance, pet owner may contact us to reschedule the appointment to attend a future clinic. This must be done no later than one day prior to the day of your appointment. In the alternative, and at the discretion of HEART, a one-time refund may be issued which will include a 4% processing fee deducted from the refund amount. There are absolutely no refunds or  credit applied for future appointments for anyone who does not show up for their appointment and does not notify us of the intended cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time. 

Please understand that HEART also serves as a disaster response team and that we could potentially be deployed in emergency situations to areas hit by a natural disaster. In the rare instance that this results in a cancellation of a clinic, we will attempt to contact you by phone or email to alert you of the clinic cancellation, or a notice may be posted at the clinic site. The refund policy stated in the paragraph above would not apply in this situation, as well as if a clinic cancellation was to occur due to adverse weather or other unsafe conditions which are out of our control. 

To schedule an appointment, complete and submit the CLINIC RESERVATION APPLICATION located at the bottom of this page. Please submit proof of prior vaccines (if applicable) with your Application form. (Proof is either a vaccine certificate from a veterinarian or a copy of a Rabies license renewal notice). Once we receive these documents, we will contact you to confirm the services you are requesting and provide you with the total amount due for those services. Thereafter, we will request payment which must be made online in order to secure your reservation. After we receive payment, we will provide you with a confirmation number and an appointment time.



* Pet owners must arrive during their assigned appointment time slots.  Appointments are scheduled in a manner which helps the flow of the entire clinic, so PLEASE do NOT          arrive earlier than your assigned time.

* Cursory exams are provided for every pet attending our clinics.

* Prescription flea & tick control medication is sold in quantities of no more than a 6-month supply per pet due to the limited stock on hand. We do not provide prescriptions for        flea  & tick control.

* Due to time constraints, nail trims are offered on a limited basis.


A facemask worn properly covering your nose and mouth must be worn at all times our staff approaches your vehicle. Ideally, wearing an N95 mask or a medical mask under a cloth mask serves as the best protection for you and for those around you.

Please contact us to reschedule or cancel your appointment if: 

      1) You, anyone in your household, or others you have been in close contact with, tested positive for COVID within the past 2 weeks or 

      2) You, anyone in your household, or others you have been in close contact with, have shown any symptoms of ANY illness within the past 2 weeks;

3) You or anyone in your household have been exposed to COVID within the past 2 weeks.


ANYONE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER is welcome to attend any of our mobile vaccine clinics, regardless of where you live.  You do not need to be a resident of any particular city or county to attend our clinics.  FACE MASKS ARE STILL REQUIRED.  PLEASE be cooperative and respectful of others.  “No mask – no service” will remain our policy until further notice.


✓  May have shown any sign of illness in the past 2 weeks;

✓  May be pregnant;

✓  Are nursing puppies/kittens that are less than 4 weeks old;

✓  May have certain underlying health conditions or are on certain medications;

✓  Have ever had an adverse reaction to a vaccine (other than mild soreness or mild lethargy).

If your pet has ever experienced an adverse reaction to a vaccine (other than mild lethargy or soreness), please take it to a regular veterinary hospital for its vaccinations, and only allow one vaccine to be administered at a time, waiting at least 4 weeks before administering any other vaccine.  It is important that your pet be pre-medicated and possibly medicated again post-vaccination to reduce the risk of vaccine reaction.  It is also important that your poet be observed and closely monitored for at least several hours after receiving a vaccination.  In the event your pet has experienced a severe reaction to a Rabies vaccine (such as anaphylactic shock), speak with your regular veterinarian to discuss the option of applying for an Annual Rabies Vaccination Waiver.


To receive a 3-year Rabies vaccine as opposed to a 1-year Rabies vaccine, your pet must be over the age of 15 months old and have received a prior rabies vaccination at least 12 months prior to the booster it is about to receive.  Rabies vaccinations must be performed in the United States by a licensed veterinarian or under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.  Proof of a prior Rabies vaccination must be provided.  Acceptable proof is a Vaccination Certificate or we will accept a pet license renewal notice from a Department of Animal Services which contains your information, your pet’s information, and the date that the prior Rabies vaccine was administered.  Without proof, you will receive a 1-year Certificate of Vaccination.


Puppies & kittens should always receive an initial series of vaccinations (2 to 3 sets depending on age) approximately 4 weeks apart, then boosters in one year.  Thereafter, annual vaccinations or vaccinations every 3 years are recommended, depending on the type of vaccine and other factors.  Ideally, puppies should receive one of the sets of the DHPP & Bordetella vaccines between 14 to 16 weeks of age and kittens should receive one of the sets of the FVRCP and FELV between 14 to 16 weeks of age to achieve the highest immunity against disease. 

Adult pets adopted from shelters or rescue organizations (or pets whose vaccine history is unknown) should receive at least one DHPP vaccination booster (for dogs) or one FVRCP & FELV (for cats), ideally between 2 to 6 weeks after their adoption.

If it has been many years since your adult pet has been vaccinated or if you are unsure of your pet’s vaccine history, it is recommended that your pet receive a booster vaccine (DHPP booster for dogs and FVRCP booster for cats) approximately one month following the current vaccination.


✓  Clinics are held on a “drive-through” basis.  Signs are posted in the parking lots at our clinics to help guide you in the appropriate direction.   

✓  Pet owners must remain inside of their vehicles until our staff approaches.  You will then be asked to step out of your vehicle to transfer your pet to our assistant.  You must then return to the inside of your vehicle.  Your vehicle will be just a few feet away from our treatment area, so you will be able to watch our team give your pet the loving care we’re so happy to provide.  Cats, however, are taken inside of our mobile unit to eliminate any possible risk of escape.     

✓   All pet owners are required to wear a mask covering their nose & mouth when our staff approaches their vehicle.  (No mask, no service)!

✓  If your dog is not friendly to strangers or if it tends to be fearful of people, please bring a muzzle to place on your dog just before transferring it to our staff.  Do not place the muzzle on your dog until that time.  If you do not have a muzzle, one will be provided for your use.  

✓  Please make sure your dog is wearing a collar or harness which is not too loose where it could slip out of the collar/harness if it pulls away from our handler.  A sturdy leash must be attached to the collar/harness.  No chains or expandable leashes are allowed.  We may also you to place our slip lead on your dog prior to transferring it to our assistant.  All cats must be in secured carriers designed for pet transportation.  No cardboard carriers are allowed.

✓ At the time your pet is returned to your vehicle, you will receive a Certificate of Vaccination and post-care instructions, along with any pre-purchased flea/tick control medication.  The Certificate of Vaccination is also your receipt.

✓  If your pet is microchipped at our clinic, do not bathe your pet for at least 2 weeks after the implant.  The registration for the microchip has been pre-paid by HEART; however, it is your responsibility to register your pet’s information with the respective microchip company as per the instructions we provide to you at the time of the clinic.  Always notify that microchip company of any changes in your residence address, telephone numbers, email addresses, and alternate contact person.  Your information must be kept current in order to be reunited with your pet in the event it becomes lost.

If you purchased a vaccine booster package, your next appointment is automatically scheduled and there is no need to submit further paperwork or contact us for confirmation of your following appointment(s).  If you need to reschedule the appointment to a different date, then please contact us and we will gladly arrange that for you.  


All puppies & kittens require an initial series of vaccines to be administered approximately a month apart,and some adult pets may require a DHPP (also called “DA2PP”), Lyme, FVRCP or FELV vaccine booster within 2 – 6 weeks.  If you would like to save additional time and money on your pet’s vaccine boosters, we recommend that you request our “VACCINE PACKAGE” which will 1) provide you with a savings of at least $14 for each future visit; 2) eliminate the need for you to submit further Reservation Applications or other paperwork; and 3) automatically secure and confirm your appointment(s) for the following visit(s) so that all you need to do is simply show up for your next scheduled appointment(s).   


Step #1

Click the Blue button below.  Please answer all questions on the form.  Omissions will delay the appointment process.  Save/download the completed form to your computer.  You must submit a separate form for each pet attending our clinic.

Step #2

Click the Red button below to submit your completed application. When submitting your application, also submit proof of a prior rabies vaccine and other vaccines your pet has received in the past. Without proof of a prior rabies vaccination, your pet will only receive a 1-year vaccine as opposed to a 3-year vaccine. The same applies for DHPP and FVRCP vaccines.

Also submit a copy of your pet’s Sterilization Certificate or other paperwork documenting your pet has been fixed (if applicable).  It is not mandatory to submit this information, but it will allow us to certify that your pet has been spayed/neutered on the Certificate of Vaccination you will receive from HEART.  This is important for licensing purposes.

Step #3

After we receive your Application, you will receive an email from us verifying the services you requested and the amount due.  Our email will contain a secured link to make your payment. (Please fill in your name and your pet’s name to ensure that your payment will be linked to your reservation). You will receive your reservation confirmation & other pertinent clinic information via email, usually within 24 business hours.

We provide a signed yellow copy of the “Certificate of Vaccination & Wellness Care” for each pet receiving services at our clinics.  The Certificate also serves as your receipt.  Please keep your copy in a safe place.  If a duplicate copy is requested, you will be charged a $25 processing fee.

You will also receive informational material containing post-clinic services care.  If your pet was microchipped at our clinic, we have pre-paid the microchip registration fee; however, you are responsible to register your pet online and to keep your contact information current with the respective microchip company. Registration is simple, but it is extremely important to register your pet immediately. (If you received a registration form, you must complete it and mail it to AVID).      


If you are able to give just a little extra to help provide vaccinations for pets whose owners aren’t able to afford to do so during these devastating times, please add a little on to your payment as a donation.  Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity!

We welcome your questions!  Please feel free to ask any questions you have concerning the health and welfare of your pet or any other animal-related question, including questions regarding animal behavior or socialization issues.  We are happy to provide information and education which can assist in promoting long, healthy, and happy relationships between pets and their guardians.